Set.fm was created to help artists engage with their fans by offering live recordings for every show.  We’ve spent the last year thinking about all the ways that artists work to develop their career, from fan engagement to making money.  Fans have always wanted new ways to support artists in ways that they themselves, as music lovers find value in.  We think the live recording is the perfect what to do this.  We know there have been the odd show here and there where the recording was available, but it was always expensive and slow, putting it out of the reach of most artists.

We’re all music lovers and have been live music junkies for years.  We’re taking what we’ve learned to build a great product, and along the way will be providing our perspective on live recording and updates about our company here on this blog.

We look forward to the conversations with each of you as we continue building Set.fm.



Jim Hodgson began playing his mom’s guitar when he was old enough to hold it. He played professionally for years in touring bands and in cover bands around Atlanta. He has worked as a drummer, bassist, piano player, guitar player, sound tech, and backline guy. He now prefers writing because it doesn’t require him to haul any gear around. Follow him on twitter at @jimhodgson.

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