2014 Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays quickly approaching, we decided to share some gift ideas for the musicians and music lovers in your life. From recording gear to vinyl organizers, there are endless choices but we hope this list helps you narrow it down. Happy shopping and from all of us here at Set.fm, we’d like to wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday season! For the Musician:    h4n Zoom H4n This palm-sized recorder features custom designed X/Y microphones that produce natural stereo recordings with great depth. Rotating these mics to either a 90-degree or 120-degree stereo angle allows for adaptability in any recording situation. Although the H4n mics sound great themselves, the recorder also features 4-channel recording so you can attach some external mics and use the built-in mixer to combine the channels into a perfectly balanced recording. iQ6Zoom iQ6 We love our iPhones and we love the Zoom H4n. So, naturally, we love the new Zoom iQ6. It uses the same adjustable capsules on the Zoom H4n and works well with newer iOS devices that use the Lightning connection — it even comes with a little spacer to extend its reach to work with bulky iPhone/iPad cases.   line6Line 6 Sonic Port  With both mono and stereo built-in condenser mics, solid preamps, and a stereo line input, this mobile recording interface is practically the Swiss Army knife for the musician on the go. The SonicPort XV comes with a mic stand adapter and ¼” tread for tripod connections making it the perfect sidekick to capture that live recording. To top things off you can even charge your iOS device while recording by using the included USB adapter. downloadAlesis MultiMix 4 USB This compact 4-channel mixer is still part of our recommended setup for live recording with Set.fm. This audio interface has a ton of functionality, acting as a gig-ready 4 channel mixer and a USB audio interface. samsonCO2 Samson CO2 It’s tough to find an inexpensive pair of microphones to record in stereo with. However, with a couple Samson C02 mics, we think we found a pair that balances quality and affordability. These “pencil” condenser microphones will give you a great live recording (up to 134 dB SPL). The package comes with just about everything you need too: mic clips, windscreens, and a cozy little carrying case.  For the Music Fan:   headphonesHeadphones: Sennheiser HD-439 It’s not just about what you listen to, it’s how you listen to it too! Sennheiser headphones are consistently ranked at the top in terms of quality but you don’t have to pay a brand premium for them. The HD-439 model is especially comfortable and features neodymium magnets that provide an enhanced bass experience. crosley Turntable: Crosley  Vinyl is back in a huge way. With a retro design inspired by the original portable turntables of the late 1950s, Crosley turntables will beautifully complement any home. Affordable and found in most major retail outlets, these record players are a great gift for introducing music lovers to the vinyl world. They even have a special edition One Direction Cruiser Turntable. You know you want it… gift Vinyl Organizers: Kate Koeppel  This is a unique gift for those people in your life who love records. These handy and stylish record dividers allow you to display and organize your records alphabetically or by genre. The tabs are on the expensive side but they are handmade from laser-cut wood and super-durable. Perfect for showing off your growing vinyl record collection! LOTR_TNBT_Cover Tape Set: The New Basement Tapes Throughout the year, so many musicians release special collections or sets. This year producer T-Bone Burnett and musicians Elvis Costello, Marcus Mumford, Jim James, Taylor Goldsmth, and Rhiannon Giddens came together to record Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes. This album features a batch of lyrics Bob Dylan wrote in the late 1960s that were brought to life by this select group of musicians. If you’re feeling more like the original, Bob Dylan’s The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11 is compiled from the restored original tapes. mmholiday2014-cnswt_red_01 Band Apparel Because who doesn’t love to show support for their favorite band? Especially if it’s with a lovely Christmas sweater.

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