4 Tips To Sell Out Your Show

Being able to post “sold out” on your website’s tour dates and a venue’s marquee is something every musician looks forward to. It certainly doesn’t hurt your credibility as an artist either. But selling out a show doesn’t happen all the time and you can’t rely solely on a venue to pack a space for you. So here are some ways to make it happen.

1. Make Each Show Unique

If you play multiple times a month in the same city, you need to give your fans a reason to devote a night to your band. Create some buzz around the show by turning it into an event and giving it a title. Make a 30 second promo video or work with a graphic designer to create a show poster. Use this for flyers, as a banner on your website, Facebook event, Instagram, etc.


2. Choose The Right Venue

Yes, you might rather be performing on the biggest stage at the best venue in town but do you really want to be playing to a half-empty venue? Be realistic about how many people you can draw and book a venue that holds just under that capacity. Don’t be afraid to check out some non-traditional venues too.

A packed show in a smaller venue will have a better energy and an intimate vibe. Plus you will have a room full of people who are there solely to hear your music.

3. Involve The Local Music Scene

When you’re reaching out to other artists to put on the bill, try to bring on bands that are creating buzz in the local music scene. People are more likely to come out to a show with four up-and-coming bands. Make sure the bands are willing to help with promoting the show too.

This business is all about relationships so being a supportive member of your local music community goes a long way. Attend other musician’s shows and develop relationships with them. People will work with you if they like you!

4. Spread The Word! 

Although today’s world is focused on social media, don’t forget to do the usual promo activities especially if you’re on tour and playing out of town. Reach out to local media outlets, radio stations, and record stores. Offer interviews, ticket giveaways, and in-store performances. Find a local business or brand to partner with you for the night. They will benefit from being associated with an exciting event and you can anything from ad space, a write-up, printing…the list goes on and on.

Then you can record your set with Set.fm and share the recording with future venue owners and promoters to show them how you can pull a crowd and give an amazing performance. How do you successfully promote your shows? Let us know!

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