Congratulations to The Oaths!

We’re pleased to announce the winning band in our recent Culture Collide Contest!  The Oaths won a coveted spot in the lineup for Culture Collide and will be performing in San Francisco, October 14 or 15, 2014 and Los Angeles, October 16, 17 or 18, 2014.  Thank you to all the bands that submitted, we truly appreciated the response and number of entries!

The Oaths 


The Oaths are a synth pop band hailing from Guadalajara, Jalisco and part of the Arts&Crafts Mexican label roster. They bring back the human side of electronic music and remind us that the best party isn’t the loudest or the one with more attendees, it’s the one where you have more room to dance.

Arturo, Poncho and Andres joined forces in 2009 to create a band inspired by French and Australian sounds of that time.

Arturo is also part of a jazz band called San Juan Project and Andres has shown his abilities on completely different terrains with Antoine Reverb. However, with The Oaths they share a completely different phase of their musical talents.

While others think that making you dance is considered enough, this Mexican trio create landscapes, tell stories, and make every step a special one. Their music is reminiscent of bands like Miami Horror and Hercules and Love Affair, other experts on lighting up the dance floor.

The Oaths are now currently promoting their debut album “Fractal”.

Thank you to our partners: Culture Collide, Ache Productions, FILTER Mexico, COC4INE, Global City, Eleanor Rigby, Freim, Indie Rocks !, Marvin, Me Makes Noise, Rockets Music, Sicario, URL Magazine, Ibero 90.9, 105.7 Reactor.

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