Holiday Gift Guide: Digital Recording Gear

Stuck on what to get your musician friend for the holidays? In an industry that changes rapidly, artists need to take advantage of new ways to generate revenue. Here at, we’ve created a way for bands to capture audio recordings of their live performances and sell them to fans instantly after the show using a free recording app. Help the musician in your life capture the spontaneity and energy of their live shows (and make some extra money!) with these recording tools that will help them get the job done.

iPad Camera Connection Kit

1.     iPad Camera Connection Kit ($29): This little device does much more than simply transfer photos and videos from a computer. With this kit, you can easily connect a USB microphone that will give you much better quality than the built-in-microphone.  Connect USB digital audio interfaces for more control and inputs.

iRig Pre

2.     iRig Pre ($39.99): An ultra-compact XLR microphone interface for iPhone/iPhone touch/iPad that allows you to hook up your favorite microphone to your iOS device. Activate phantom power if necessary and create a recording anywhere!

Alesis MultiMix 4 USB

3.     Alesis MultiMix 4 USB ($66.99): This compact 4-channel mixer with a built in USB digital audio interface works perfectly for portable live recording and is part of’s recommended setup. Easily plug in a ¼” or XLR stereo output from a venue’s board and an XLR microphone.

Zoom H2n

4.     Zoom H2n ($180): A popular and affordable portable device with a number of different multi-mic setups. The Zoom contains 5 internal microphones that makes it possible to record high resolution surround sound recordings in the palm of your hand. Once you record, use the USB socket to connect to your computer and import the files onto

Olympus LS100

5.     Olympus LS-100 ($399.99): Capture your live show with this impressive mobile recording studio. Highlights of the device include multiple inputs, multi-track recording (can store up to 999 tracks!), and better than CD quality sound. The LS-100 is easy to use and designed to stand up well to road wear.

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