How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Show


Social media is a great way to tell people about what you’re up to. Everyone knows that. But it doesn’t help to tell your twitter followers where you’re playing if you have only two. And one is your mom. And she’s out of town that week. Hey, moms gotta travel sometimes.

Don’t worry, it’s not hard to get more people engaged. It just takes work.

Simply put, you have to make every post interesting, and they can’t all be about your shows. Think of social media like a party. Would you go to a party and only talk about yourself? I hope not.

There is more to your life, and more to your art, than just live shows. There’s recording, there’s going to the store, there’s having fun with your friends, there’s rehearsal, and all that stuff is potential social media posts. You don’t have to post every little thing you do (or eat), but you can invite people to get to know your art in a greater way and it will help.

If you’re posting regularly and all your content is engaging, when you do have a live show to promote it comes across a little better, and people are likely to think “Hey, I kinda know those guys! I read all their cool posts!”

I think every aspect of the music business is interesting, and I’m not the only one. Post about your rehearsals. Post about songwriting. Post about maintaining gear. You might be surprised how many people are into it.

Of course, no one is ever going to be as interested in what you do as you are (or your mom is), but you can help get them a little more interested by being more interesting.

Of course, your bros and girlbros already think you’re the cat’s pajamas, so if you have any thoughts or questions, hit us up. We are ready to listen!

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