Why Venues Want Set.fm Artists To Record There

Classical_spectacular10Talk to anyone who runs a music venue, and they’re likely to tell you they do it because they love it. That’s gotta be the reason, because it can’t be for the money. I bet pretty much any successful venue could just as easily close down the music room, exclusively sell booze instead, and make about the same money for much less hassle.

They don’t do that, though. Why? Because they love seeing people enjoying live music. They love having a brand that is synonymous with live music. We think that we and our artists can help with both of those things.

When Set.fm artists record a show at a venue, they are forever capturing the magic of that place at that time. Although it will never be the same to listen to the recording as it was to actually be there, the recording is a great way to share the kind of quality experience a person can have.

“Hey,” a recording says, “Look at this amazing spectacle you could have seen. Maybe you should be on our mailing list so you can catch future amazing shows here.”

Every show recorded there is like an audible billboard proclaiming how cool the venue is, reaching new ears which are attached to new bodies which can then walk through the door. We think everyone wins.

We’re a bit biased, though. We do this because we love it.

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