Does Recording my Band Add Extra Complexity to my Show?

This machine records facists.

This machine records facists.

Yes. Absolutely. Recording your band adds a bit of extra complexity to your live show, but it also adds a lot of value in the process. We think the value added is greater than the fuss added, especially since you get to decide how much fuss you’re willing to endure.

For more on what value exactly we believe recording your band with adds, check out our posts on why you should record your shows and why your fans crave your live recordings.

To summarize, though, the way we see it is the hardest part of creating music is, well, creating the music. It takes years to learn how to play or sing, years to learn how to write, years to get the right members of a band together.

Setting up an extra couple of cables or a mic to capture all of those years of hard work in a recording is peanuts next to the time you and your fellow artists have put in to get to this point. Better yet, it gives you and your fanbase a new avenue to enjoy all your hard work. Mega-better yet, it gives you, the artist, a new potential revenue stream, and that might mean eating actual food instead of ramen, or having the gas to make it home from the gig.

Think about it like taking a shower. Does taking a shower add extra complexity to your day? Absolutely. Does it also add value to your day by increasing your chances of getting some action? Without question. Nobody wants to get freaky with a dirtbag. Well, almost no one. There are probably sites on the internet where… well, anyway let’s just agree that showers are good.

So, yeah, there’s a bit of extra fuss, but not that much. And it could really be beneficial fuss, which is the best kind of fuss there is. And if it seems like a ton of extra fuss, get in touch with our crew. Maybe we can suggest some ways to streamline the process. We’re here to help, y’all.

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