Hello from our CEO

Welcome to the Set.fm blog! We’ll use this blog to keep you updated on featured artists and venues, new developments to our Artist Recording and Consumer apps, product reviews, and other exciting content that we think you’ll enjoy.

Based in Austin, TX, we’ve been honing our skills in private beta testing. We are preparing for our official launch at the end of this month. We recently closed our second round of financing to bring our vision to life! Our intent is to change the way people experience concerts by opening up new social sharing abilities for fans as well as providing an additional revenue stream for artists.

At Set.fm, previously known as Deja Set, we enable artists to easily record high quality audio of their performances which they can then offer for sale to fans. In this way we believe we can benefit everyone. As a fan you can relive the concert that you just attended, rocking out to it on your way home from the show. Or, if life got in the way, you can still experience the show that you missed without missing a beat. As an artist, you can package the work you’re already doing in a new way, and hopefully make a few bucks in the process.

The concept is simple. Our site is free for artists to join. With the Set.fm recording app, currently live for the iPad and soon available in iTunes for iPhones and the Google Play market for Android devices, recording a performance is as easy as pressing “Record” and “Publish.” We call those recordings of shows produced by our app “sets.” Recording does require some equipment, but most artists probably have all of the necessary stuff already. Once an artist has recorded a set, it can be uploaded instantly after the live show for immediate download from fans. In this way we hope to offer sets to fans when they’re most likely to buy, while they’re still excited about the show they’ve just attended. Artists decide how much their sets cost on our site, as long as it’s above the minimum level we need to charge to keep our lights on. Currently that minimum is just two bucks, but artists can charge as much as they want.

Our founders are music lovers who often attend shows in Austin. We’ve seen so many talented musicians struggling to make ends meet. We wondered what we could do to help them make additional revenue at shows, even if it’s just enough to pay for gas money, or a hotel room for the night. Our numbers in our beta testing show that up to 14% of an audience will purchase a set, which can add up to a significant amount even if you’re playing to smaller audiences. During beta, we saw some artists bringing home an additional $220 or more with audiences around 150 people.

We haven’t officially launched yet, but we’ve still added over 200 artists to our network, including Grammy recognized artists Joseph Arthur and Jake Shimabukuro. Arthur took Set.fm on his latest tour, capturing a guest appearance by Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament at the Triple Door in Seattle on June 17, 2013 (check out a sample audio clip here). We saw several mentions of the performance on the Pearl Jam forum and twitter feeds afterward. Jake Shimabukuro is a renowned ukulele virtuoso whose average audience size is between 1,500-2,500. He’s also a Ted Talks speaker and a YouTube sensation. His ukulele rendition of “My Guitar Gently Weeps” is on YouTube and will blow your mind.

We are also excited to announce that we are sponsoring the 9th Annual Bat Fest on August 24th. We’ll be capturing the sets from some of the artists, including Those Nights, Team, Fever Dreamer, Quiet Company, and The Olms (Pete Yorn’s latest project with JD King). Yorn has shared bills with Dave Matthews Band, R.E.M, Foo Fighters, Weezer, Coldplay and many others. They are celebrating the release of the duo’s self titled debut album, which ranks fourth on Billboard’s Top Heatseekers chart.

Here’s a link to our Press Page with more info. You can also follow along with our announcements and be the first to know what we’re working on next by joining our Press Newsletter here. Be sure to also “like” us on Facebook and Twitter.

Whether you are an artist or a fan like us, let’s chat. Artists can simply create an account on our website. If you’re a fan with a great artist to recommend, just drop us a note telling us who you’d like to see on our network. We would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, we hope to see you out at a Set.fm show!

Rock on,

Matt Peterson, CEO


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